White Wizard Begins!

So this Saturday I'm going to Retrospelsmässan in Göteborg. Since it is a fair aimed for retro video games I took the opportunity to cosplay from the first Final Fantasy game, and I'm going as a white wizard. This is one of my more spontaneous cosplays since I already have three others to be done with next week when it's time for UppCon, but I couldn't resist to make a white wizard.

The white wizard is the upgraded White Mage so I will be going around with a red cape along with my robe.
The start of the robe without the sleeves and the hood.
I based the pattern of the my middle age robes and just added a bit more gores. 
First testing. I added the ribbon just to see what it would look like, and well I have a really big underskirt that I won't use in the final cosplay. ^^
The hood was added. It is huge, humongous and just big.
That's all for now. Now I should be studying a bit more so I can continue all the sewing later. 

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