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I feel like I have neglected the blog for a while now and I guess it is true. I don't have any internet at home any more and the simplest way to access all you out there is to drag my stone age laptop with me too the school's library and sit there for hours. It just that it takes me forty minutes to walk and it's heavy. Well now enough with the complaining. I have almost completed my school, just have some small things left, and then I'm done. With my education or at least my foundation of being an librarian. Yes, I want to be an old lady with pullover and knot in my hair and go down every line and telling people to be quiet. No, that 's not really what a librarian does any more, I'm more like a certified information dealer. Oh, I like the sound of that. Just taste at certified information dealer, no it's not that exciting it really is just information organization.

But a couple of weeks ago I was at UppCon. I was excited that I would enter the cosplay contest for the first time but realised that I had taken a bit much over my head so I never entered. But on the good side so do that give me enough time too finish my cosplay before next UppCon.

Me and my friends usually take the train to Uppsala for UppCon and it was something that we had to repeat. Not that it was such a good idea this time since we got two hours late and then I had missread the name of ours hotel and it laid on almost the other side of the city, when I thought it would be almost at the convention. Not to mention that it was so warm outside and the sun was glearing at us all the time. I guess I was the lucky one as I had my Rikku cosplay at me, thank you for small shorts.
"We have to wait for the train to move for an hour?" :(
Ignore my lack of make-up, I saved that the hotel. 
Well as we had made our, or my, mess in the hotel room we went to the convention for picking up our tickets, nice small wristband in really cute colours, and take a small tour on the area to check where everything where. We kind of stumbled to the AMV contest as the staff asked if we wanted to see it, we thought there were no sets left, and got to see some amazing AMVs.

The rest of the Friday where spent at talking to people, eating and realising that I really needed to sleep as I had only slept 2 hours the lasted two days, not a thing I recommend. So we felt a bit like old people when we said goodbye to the convention at midnight and took the bus back to the hotel. It was here that I realised that staying up all night trying to get my contest cosplay would be impossible. So I went to sleep.

Bromley, Derek and Odette.
aka CarpeDentum, Madiirje and me.
Shoot by Lienwyn while waiting for the bus to the convention. 
Saturday morning we woke up almost peacefully. The sun was shining and I had to brush a wig longer than half me. Not that that was so much of trouble even thou it gave me some aching muscles. But we had hotel breakfast and I could eat as much as I wanted. Not that I got to be that much since I was unconsciously still sooo tired, but it was good. We got dressed and all snansy pansy, no idea if that really is a expression but that was how we felt. Well dressing up as a princess in a long flowy dress with long blond hair give me those feelings anyway.

Shortly speaking: We made success. Even people outside from the convention reacted. I loved all the children's looks and well everybody's looks since they all somehow got a bit happier.
We could almost be mistaken for being at Disneyland, right XD

Since I did't enter the cosplay contest I watch the show outside on a big screen as the people I was there with had tickets to the show. Although the weather almost started to rain and the staff had to hold the screen in place so that it wouldn't blow away we had a great time we people outside the big hall. The contesters were really good, even thou some really stood out as being amazing.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. Since it was the last day of the convention the outside area was free to enter for everyone that wanted to see what crazy people do at conventions. It was also Cosplay SM, the Swedish national cosplay contest, that I hope will come back next year since the contest was awesome. And someone cosplayed Sheryl Nome, I was so happy.

So after eating and waiting for the train I fell asleep. Not ordinary sleep according to my friends ether. No apparently I gave the impression of SLEEP, with capitals. I have no idea of what happened those two hours but apparently I was so fast asleep that no one dared to wake me up.

That was this years UppCon and next year I'm planing to live at the closest hotel and sleep a week before the convention.
A bit more Swanprincess! :)

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