'Grey is' by dee Juusan review

The artwork speaks for itself
This is the story of a guy named 'Black'. Being a succesful yet evasive freelance fashion designer, he feels that his life is empty and greyscale, so much that he avoids grey in any of his designs, though there's demand for him to do it.

Until a guy dressed in black attire appears on his balcony. They appear to know each other and he is the key to making 'Black's life less dull, less grayscale.

It's easy to wonder whether this story is yaoi or shonen-ai, however, the author establishes firmly in her main site that it doesn't belong to either of those genres and that they're just close friends.

The main protagonists are very likeable and have a sorta similar chemistry to the characters of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, without being exactly of that genre as that series.

It's the appeal of them together in the same frame that inmediately brings your attention to what's going on.

It is later revealed that the reason he went away to live at a studio appartment of his Dad's friends is because he was betrayed by the ones he cherished most.

The one thing that stands out of this webmanga is undoubtely the artwork. It's clean, subtle and idilic. I feel that this is an allegorical type of story, and that would explain the slow pacing and main focus on the characters and lack of established backgrounds (the settings are revealed as you read on).

For example, the character named 'Black' is a pale white haired guy, and you can assume that his black haired, black attired companion is named 'White'. It's like both protagonists complement each other by contrast, and that is the strongest visual conveyed by this series.

Well, I won't spoil the story anymore and direct you right away to dee Juusan's site on Deviantart, which is full of great information, has a great interface and props such as little banners, thumbnails, character designs, and illustrations that make the readers crave for more:


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