Square Enix manga award revoked due to plagiarism

This is quite becoming the item of the day as Square Enix revoked the award to its 18th edition of the Square Enix Manga Prize awards after readers pointed that the winning story, 'Compliance -Zettai Hō Rei Toshi', by upcoming author Daiki Matsuura, plagiarized author Tow Ukubata light novel Mardock Scramble 104, licensed by Viz Media in the US.

Daiki Matsuura apologized by posting a notice, explaining that he was in a hurry to make his debut as a manga creator.

The apology notice from Monthly Shonen Gangan's editorial department said that after it received the information from readers about the possible plagiarism, it conducted an investigation and found "several points of similarity" between Matsuura's work and Ubukata's.

The editorial department wrote that in the future it would give new creators training and guidance, and the editorial department would do as much as it could to prevent something like this from happening again.

This just proves that desperation is never the right inspiration. O_O

Source: ANN

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