Saint Young Men manga put on hiatus due to pregnancy of the author

Wow, just when I began to read this hilarious and hysterical manga.

'This year's 49th issue of Kodansha's Morning 2 magazine announced on Monday that the Saint Young Men manga is going on hiatus due to the pregnancy of the manga's creator, Hikaru Nakamura. The hiatus will begin with the next issue on September 22. Although the manga's return date has not been set yet, Nakamura told readers in her margin notes that she is aiming to returning as soon as possible. The manga imagines if Buddha and Jesus shared a low-rent Tokyo apartment.

Nakamura has been drawing Saint Young Men in Morning 2 since 2006 and the sixth compiled book volume shipped in December. Nakamura also created the Arakawa under the bridge manga, which has been running in Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine since 2004.'

Source: ANN

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