Gintama and Sket Dance will get a crossover episode!!!!

OMG!!!!! This will be TEH EPIC and HISTORIC!!!!!!
The crossover manga chapters between Gintama and Sket Dance that ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on April 11 will be animated for television . The collaborative manga chapters featured the main characters of the Gintama manga and the Sket Dance manga together. In one story, Gintamas main character Gin insults the Sket Dance characters, and Gin and Sket Dance's Bossun battle it out. The animated version of the Cross Over manga chapters involves a rare collaboration between the anime studios Sunrise (Gintama) and Tatsunoko Productions (Sket Dance). Tomokazu Sugita, the voice actor for Gin, happens to also voice the Sket Dance character Switch. The Gintama episode with Sket Dance characters will air on September 26, and the Sket Dance episode with the Gintama characters will air on September 29.

source: fresh from ANN!!! Kyaaaa!!!!!!

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