Kodansha will launch new manga magazine on October 20

Kodansha will launch a new manga magazine, titled Monthly Shōnen Magazine +, on October 20.

The new magazine will include one-shots from authors from Monthly Shōnen Magazine, one-shots from new artists, and continuing serializations from Kodansha's Magazine E-no, which ceased publication in June.

The new magazine will feature the return of Ikku Masa's Sakura Taisen: Manga-ban Dainibu (Sakura Wars the Manga Part II) and Jun Shindo's Red Eyes. It will also have a new basketball gag manga titled Near Boys (a reference to Dear Boys/Hoop Days) from Cromartie High School creator Eiji Nonaka. It will include Takeshi Maekawa's one-shot spinoff manga Ironfist Chinmi Gaiden and Toka Adachi's one-shot Noragami manga, and a side story for Ryoutarou Iwanaga's Pumpkin Scissors manga drawn by Nobu Ōtsuki.

source: ANN

 I think this is a fresh breath of air for authors that work in a monthly basis, but couldn't find the space to showcase their works, since shonen mangas tended to be weekly.

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