Naruto Shippuden October schedule!

Naruto's sea adventures continue! Fillerology mixed with canon!
 To be honest, some of these episodes have been bizarre but good. 

Episode 230 "Revenge of the Shadow Clones" (影の逆襲) September 29, 2011 <---- should this have been the title of Star Wars Episode 2, instead of Attack of the Clones?? O_O

Episode 231 "The Closed Sea Route" (閉ざされた航路) October 6, 2011

Episode 232 "The Leaf Village Girls-Only Club" (木ノ葉の女子会) October 13, 2011

Episode 233 "Enter Imposter Naruto?" (参上 嘘?ナルト) October 20, 2011

Episode 234 "Naruto's Favorite Pupil" (ナルトの愛弟子) October 27, 2011

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