Bakuman November schedule!

This new season has our protagonists on the challenge of being published and maintaining a series so it won't get cancelled! They don't realize the important lessons they learn along the way!

By the way, it looks that definitely the crossover episodes with Sket Dance were either delayed  to December or maybe the studios didn't reach an agreement?

Episode 5 "Joke and News" (ボケとニュース) October 29, 2011

Episode 6 "Disease and Drive" (病気とやる気) November 5, 2011

Episode 7 "Life-and-Death and Standstill" (生死と静止) November 12, 2011

Episode 8 "Recall and Call" (リコールとコール) November 19, 2011

Episode 9 "Resumption and Low Rank" (再開と下位) November 26, 2011

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