'Kono Manga ga Sugoi' 2012 ranking lists the best manga magazine through a survey among professionals

Takarajimasha Inc. published the 2012 edition of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook on Saturday with its list of the top titles in four categories. The lists are the result of surveys conducted among professionals in the fields of manga and publishing.

It is no surprise that HunterxHunter is among the top 10 for male readers. And Blue Exorcist is above One Piece??!

Among female readers, Chihayafuru has gained more and more popularity.

As for the top magazines, obviously Shonen Jump comes first, closely followed by Kodansha's Morning magazine. Whereas Feel Young magazine by Shodensha is the absolute leader among female readers in the industry.

The full ranking can be consulted here.

Source: ANN

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