Mobile Suit Gundam Origin creator to launch new manga

The February issue of Kodansha's Afternoon magazine is revealing on Saturday that character designer and manga creator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko will launch a new manga series called Ten no Kechimyaku (The Blood Lineage of the Heavens).

The new series will be Yasuhiko's first in Afternoon. Yasuhiko just ended his decade-long Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga series this past June.

Gundam: The Origin manga is a reinterpretation of the first Gundam television anime series, which features character designs by Yasuhiko. In turn, Gundam: The Origin is inspiring its own anime adaptation. Yasuhiko's other manga include Arion, Jesus, Joan, and The Venus Wars.

Here's an image of the new series:

Yasuhiko's third modern history tale is set in 1903, just half a year before the Russo-Japanese War. An academic research party from Japan is in the town of Ji'an on the northern bank of the Yalu, the river that separates Manchuria and the Korean Pennisula. The party's objective is the Gwanggaeto Stele, the monument erected in memory of King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo in ancient Korea. The epitaph holds the key to the history of ancient Korea and the ties between Japan and Korea.

Here's also a great video that showcases Yasuhiko's technique and experience when drawing a character:

(credit to Nao Yazawa on FB for the video :) )

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