AnimeNation's Ask John segment also considers '[C]: the money of soul and possibility control' to be underrated

2011 was such a great year as it had 147 new anime series, and it's nearly impossible to review them all and not be biased.

In my 2011 anime review it's obvious that I tend to prefer shonen anime with lots of action and badass moment from the characters, while AnimeNation's John prefers well-crafted drama and outstanding animation quality, but this can be interesting and enriching since it's about differents points of view and this just proves how anime offers something for everyone.

We coincide in that [C]: the Money of Soul and Possibility Control was an overlooked series, this is what he had to say:

Finally, I’d like to mention [C] THE MONEY OF SOUL AND POSSIBILITY CONTROL just for its daring to be unique. [C] may be criticized for merely shifting the tropes of Digimon into an adult setting, but the audacity to merge concepts reminiscent of Digimon with ethical philosophical debate on the responsibility of the wealthy, the degree to which external influence affects individual people’s lives, and the moral obligation to obey a personal moral code versus an order prescribed by authority make the show a fascinating example of the dynamic creativity that anime is capable of.

Read his full review here.

While we didn't exactly agree on Un-Go '^_^, which he thought it was a dissapointment. I thought it ended in a good note.

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