Ikigami manga to end this year

This year's seventh issue of Shogakukan's Big Comic Spirits magazine is announcing on Monday that author Motoro Mase is launching the 20th and final arc of his Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit manga in the next issue on January 23. The arc is titled "Moboroshi no Kuni" (The Long-Lost Country.).

Ikigami takes place in Japan after the establishment of a policy that assigns an "Ikigami" to randomly selected citizens. Anyone who receives the Ikigami has 24 hours to live. The story focuses on the lives of the people who deliver the Ikigami and the people who have just a day to live.

The manga has been running in Japan since 2005, and the ninth compiled book volume shipped last June. The manga inspired a live-action film in 2008. Viz is publishing the eighth book volume in North America this August.

source: ANN

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