Store: it's anime 2012 calendar time!

You can get these awesome calendars from CDJapan shipped to you by standard mail or FEDEX, below are the top sellers. It's no surprise that Gintama is on the list :)

Tony Calendar / Tony

The highly anticipated calendar from Tony Self Select is finally here. If you're unfamiliar with his work, Tony Self Select is one of the leading artists when it comes to illustrating super gorgeous moe girls. We've featured his artwork numerous times here, and we're very excited to see next year's collection of his work. Comes with 13 different pages, all in full color, in very large A2 size (59 x 42 cm / 23.4" x 16.5"). It's no surprise this is the top seller.

Natsume Yujin Cho / Animation

Natsume Yujin (translated as Natsume's Book of Friends) is an ongoing fantasy manga that follows the story of Takashi Natsume, who has the ability to see spirits and tries to release the spirits trapped in the Book of Friends his grandmother made prior to her death. A unique anime that's out of this world. Here's a glossy poster sized calendar dedicated to the series! Measures A2 (59.4cm x 42.0cm or 23 1/2" x 16 1/2") sized, 7 pages.

Evangelion, the defining anime of the 90s, continues to inspire the imaginations of all those who followed it, and the characters and mecha designs are still much beloved. This year we have another great Neon Genesis Evangelion calendar for the Eva fans, filled with excellent artwork from the genre making and breaking GAINAX creation. This calendar is A2 size (59.4cm x 42.0cm or 23 1/2" x 16 1/2") with 7 poster-sized sheets. All the art for this calendar is brand new and never seen before!

This comedic manga by Hideaki Sorachi is a wonderful Sci Fi themed story that not only has gone on to anime, but is still running strong since it's first release back in 2003. In the Edo period, aliens called the Amanto have taken over Edo (Tokyo's name at that time) causing the Samurai to fall. The story revolves around 2 ronin samurai and an alien girl who freelance in order to pay their rent. Why not enjoy the series everyday of the year with this calendar? Brought to you direct from Japan. A2 (59.4cm x 42.0cm or 23 1/2" x 16 1/2") sized. 7 sheets.

The amazing manga and anime series, Freezing, can now be enjoyed every month with this awesome calendar is perfect for all you fans of kyonyu beauties. Full color character and scene illustrations. 7 pages, A2 (59.4cm x 42.0cm or 23 1/2" x 16 1/2") size.

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