Weekend's cosplay photos

During last weekend I tried to ease my depression by taking some cosplay photos... it actually works; I won't be telling any details about said depression but yeah, I think I got some pretty okay photos of my Jushiro Ukitake and Sojun Kuchiki costumes... both from the series Bleach. I will post a few photos here and if interested the rest can be found at my cosplay.com account, there's a link to it in my blog at "Other sites you can find me at".

Jushiro Ukitake

Weird angles wuhuuu! No but really, normally my face ends up looking ridiculous in more extreme angles but this one was kinda cool. Besides it shows off my tsukamaki (read: handle wrapping) really well. I should have taken more outside photos but the sun set so fast it became too dark... *shrugs*


Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of the 13th Division... aka Captain Tuberculosis by fans of the series/him. Yeah, he occasionally coughs up blood... end of story. Love him anyway, he is so gentle and the kindest captain of them all. *coughnottomentionthemosthandomecough*

Sojun Kuchiki

Yay Sojun! Yay proper photos! Kind of. Okay, so this time I tried slightly different make-up (lol I suck at it) than what I do for Ukitake because at those WIP photos I just thought I somehow looked like Ukitake trying to look like someone else. Faaaaaaail. :I I've cosplayed Ukitake so much I see myself doing his expressions all the time... OTL Oh well, doing my eyebrows a bit differently and using a little eye-liner seemed to do the trick.

Sojun Kuchiki, late Lieutenant of Division 6.
The Kuchikis are one of the four great noble families in Soul Society and even though he smiled more than his son Byakuya Kuchiki, at least according to that only official reference (yes, he is so obscure I wonder if I'm the first person outside Japan to cosplay him...) picture there is of him: ref.
Oh well, about this photo, he is a Kuchiki after all... and we all know that a Kuchiki needs to do the I'm-better-than-you face at least once.. hey, they are nobles after all! xD 

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