Naruto Shippuden anime February 2012 schedule

Better late than never, these days passed so quickly and I didn't realize that I needed to post the schedule for this month.

Naruto finally met his Mom! The truth is revealed on what happened the day the Nine Tails awakened and set to destroy Konoha! Yondaime's facts!

Episode 247 "Target: Nine Tails" (狙われた九尾) February 2, 2012
Episode 248 "The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!" (四代目の死闘!!) February 9, 2012
Episode 249 "TBA" February 9, 2012 <----a double episode?
Episode 250 "The Freak vs. The Monster! A Battle in Paradise!" (珍獣VS怪人! 楽園の戦い!) February 16, 2012
episode 251 "The Man Known as Kisame" (鬼鮫という男) February 23, 2012

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