Next con - Chibicon á la Oulu

Yeah, the next con I'm planning to attend is Chibicon. It's held at Oulu 7th April.
Good for me Oulu is not far away from my hometown (100 km maybe?) so it won't take a day to get there and cost my ass to travel. According to what I checked up the train tickets from Kemi would only cost me about 8 € one way and the same amount back again. OMG CHEAP. Well, compared to the 140+ € my train tickets to Lahti and back went on... Oh, and one of my mom's sisters lives there so maybe I could sleep over at her place. Hopefully. I don't know if the con has an entrance fee.. I guess it will...

I'm thinking about bringing my first or second, depending on what you count, Ichigo was the first I started making but second I debuted cosplay back to life after... err, a 2 years pause? I think my Ichigo Kurosaki cosplay last time saw daylight in December 2010. Oh booya that's some time ago man! You know, getting that 150 centimeters huge butcher knife from place A to place B isn't the most easy and convenient thing to do, especially not when the destination is at the other end of the country. -.-" That's why Ichigo has been forever alone in my closet, waiting for his time to shine, his huge-ass sword severely limits what cons I can take him to... But yeah, now when Oulu for the first time gets a con (although temporarily I guess because Chibicon seems to move from town to town now..?) I think I can bring him out... it will be interesting to travel with that sword though; I think I'll put it in my kendo sword carrying bag while at the train... it's a bit too short for it so the handle will stick out though.. but as long as it doesn't look overly suspicious I think it'll do.. you know, can't carry that thing open in public without getting stares, need to hide it. XD; Oh, and Jäärä will hopefully accompany me as Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.

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