Saint Seiya Omega premieres on April 1

I would normally be very skeptic of this project if Reiko Yoshida of Bakuman and D-Grayman fame wasn't supervising the scripts, along with old school Heartcatch Precure director Morio Hatano.

This new series by Toei is inspired by but not directly based on any of creator Masami Kurumada’s manga.

In fact, it will introduce a new generation of bronze saints led by 13 year-old Koga, who seek to rescue Koga’s adopted mother, the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, who is kidnapped by the villain Mars.

Here are a few images released:

It looks like a mix of Moe and old-school O_O It will be aired on mornings, so it is aimed more at children. 

I would wait and see.

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