Chibicon ticket arrived and other stuff too

I stayed home today from school because of, err, personal reasons and when I finally woke up at around 13:00 Finnish time I went to grab the post before my stepdad got home. It's awkward when my parents bring home my post because whenever I'm ordering stuff from overseas my mom at least gives me these "Again you have a packet from USA/Japan/whatever??", "What are you ordering?", "How much did it cost?" and "Don't you already have enough wigs/kimonos/whatever?" questions and let's say it's just... awkward. So I just try to take in the post first if I know I'm waiting for something to avoid those questions.
 There was a letter from Urumi and it contained my Chibicon ticket to Oulu, yay!
There also was this huge packet in there and by huge I mean huge, it took up the whole mailbox pretty much, lol. So it was from Japan and that meant it had to be my two black vintage kimonos. OMGYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Now if only my wig order from Moemall would arrive soon so I can go take some WIP photos of my Hajime Saitou (Hakuouki) cosplay. Granted, I won't cosplay Saitou before Närcon (read: late July) this year but it doesn't hurt to be early...

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