Cosplay stuff in the mail yesterday.. but not mine.

This update is pretty... I don't know...
The kimono and glasses I ordered for my twin's Sannan cosplay (Hakuouki) arrived yesterday (yes, both of them at the same time) and well, I felt a need to test them to see that everything was alright so I could leave positive feedback in eBay/Tradera and so. And well, I had the house for myself most of the morning so I did a super quick test to see what I would look like as Sannan... and no I'm not going to actually cosplay him. xD I just grabbed my Byakuya wig and my white under kimono from my Bleach shihakusho and put on the green vintage kimono and round glasses and voilá.

Weird smile...
 Ignore the lack of make-up and that I look a bit tired... because I was.
Mom came like 9 on the morning and went "CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE WHILE WE ARE AWAY, K?" dsfhahsfdaf.

Tried to look serious... it doesn't work during morning time...
 Yeah. I still don't knooooooooowwwww.

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