Desucon tickets!

So I've been immensely bored all day. I went and grabbed our other black sewing machine earlier today (we have 3 sewing machines: an overlocker, a black normal one and an über high-tech one. lol) and put it on the table. Mom needs to show me how to do buttonholes with it when she gets home so that I can continue on one of my cosplays, namely Ichito. I decided I will do craploads of buttonholes on the sleeves and then thread some blue ribbon through it. Our first plan was to do belt loops but it didn't work out because in that case the ribbon wouldn't have been seen on the inside.. like it's supposed to. So buttonholes it is.
Man I've barely started and I need to finish this cosplay before Desucon in early June and then I need to make Okita's yukata too. Thank god that one is very easy though.. but knowing me I'll be stressing to get both cosplays done last minute anyway. *shrugs*

Oh well, I just went a swing to the kitchen and checked the post on the kitchen table.. there was a small letter... OMG DESUCON TICKETS! <3

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