Emma Frost Wig

So I finally took the courage to cut the wig for Emma. It was nerve wreaking and to top it of I accidently cut a hole in my sisters blouse at the same time. But first a pair of poor photos of the wig in the state I got it.
The sellers photo of the wig. 
A simple front view. It was much longer than I thought it would be, and it is more platina blond than the sellers photo, which was good for me.  
This is the wig collected in one place. It's not thick, which fits my idea of Emmas hairstyle. 
 First I had to get the wig straight, cause cutting wavy hair ain't the easiest thing to do and Emma do got straight hair. So I borrowed a flatting iron and made it 130 degree Celsius.
Left: wavy wig. Right: Straightened wig
The whole wig straightened. 
After the whole thing was straightened, I started cutting. I don't have any photos of this as it very hard to take photos at the same time at you try to cut the wig and make it look good. I think I made it look decent at least. And with lots of hair spray this it what happened. 
And trying to take a photo without seeing where to press is difficult. Therefore the look. XD
The next time you see the wig it will hopefully be with the whole outfit. Spandex here I come! 

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