Naruto Shippuden anime April 2012 schedule

We have plenty of canon material as the war against Kabutomaru's Edo Tensei resurrects and Madara approaches! The issue is that Naruto must NOT know anything about it or Madara will get him! Sasuke is bent on destroying Konoha at all costs!

Update April 13th: no, this is not quite the canon material month :( We are getting retro Naruto fillers which are not bad since they serve as recap and show how much the characters have evolved.

Episode 257 "Meeting" (出会い) April 5, 2012
Episode 258 "Rivals" (ライバル) April 12, 2012
Episode 259 "Cracks" (亀裂) April 19, 2012
Episode 260 "Schism" (離別) April 26, 2012

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