Naruto Shippuden anime May 2012 schedule!

Cover of the 1st volume of the second season r...

After we got screwed over in April with retro recap fillers, it seems we have the real thing this month with the war between Madara and the Alliance between all ninja villages!

Episode 261 "For My Friend" (友のために) May 3, 2012
Episode 262 "War Begins!" (開戦!) May 10, 2012
Episode 263 "Sai and Shin" (サイとシン) May 17, 2012
Episode 264 "The Secret of Reanimation" (穢土転生の秘密) May 24, 2012
Episode 265 "Reunion With an Old Enemy" (宿敵との再会) May 31, 2012
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