Under my umbrella ~

Sorry this update isn't 100% cosplay related don't kill me but I figured it's okay to post anyway because I will be using these at cons.

I went and picked up these things from the post office today after school. I bought them from eBay from a Japanese seller.

Because normal umbrellas are overrated.
 Whoever guesses right exactly what 'designs' those umbrellas actually are gets a virtual cookie~

So well, I've never really had my own umbrella and last year at Finncon-Animecon I learned the hard way that you should always have one with you, just in case it rains, because
rain + cosplay = not cool combo
Especially not a white costume and pouring rain and dirty streets.. needless to say a part of my costume got badly stained. Luckily I managed, together with a friend, to save it from being completely unusable but I still, to this day, regret that idiot mistake.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Here's the (true) story in rage comic version: Umbrella

Oh well, lesson learnt from that:
1) Always carry with you an umbrella. Especially if you are two persons (in cosplays) and only one umbrella and the other one have to go back to the hotel half-ways and when they return they are soaked and mad at you.. for the rest of the con day.
2) Don't wear white costume parts even if you have an umbrella when going outside. The water on the streets will kill it every time you take a step. Put it in a bag and first when you arrive at the con, hopefully inside, put it on.

So yeah. Now I'm prepared with a cool umbrella to cons. Hopefully no more shitty con mistakes like that will happen in the future...

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