When a decanter makes you ridiculously happy...

Some time ago I was searching all the corners of the internet for a glass bottle, with a glass cork, that would have a resemblance to ochimizu, as seen in the Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan anime. I checked eBay, Tradera, random googling and everything I found was either widely different from what I wanted and if the bottle itself happened to have the right shape then the cork was waaaaay off... and if both were okay it was always over 25 cm in height and thus a no-no... and I didn't want anything bigger than 20 cm at most, preferably around 15 cm. So after searching several days for a close enough decanter I admitted to myself it indeed was a pain in the ass to find a good one and that this search would take me quite some time... but then I stumbled upon one auction at Huuto.net that made me go omfgyayafghdafghd! It qualified for all my requirements; it was cheap, it was small, it had a glass cork and both the cork and the bottle had a close enough resemblance omg so lucky in general to what I was looking for... so my feelings were like this:

Luckily I had a good friend who could buy it for me and then Jäärä delivered it to me before Chibicon, yays~

Aaah, pretty little thing that I thought I'd never be so happy to own.
Now I'm just wondering.. I need some red liquid to keep in it when I'm cosplaying Souji Okita at Desucon in Lahti. I will use it as a prop.

Bright liquid is bright.
So yeah, I need to find something that looks like that... and it's a bonus if it's edible. Yay for carrying around ochimizu... but I'll have to resist the urge to drink it at the con... resist the urge to drink it... lol

Anyone have any ideas what I could use? ^_^ (I should be able to buy it in Finland/Sweden)

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