Ichito cosplay tekkou pt.2

More tekkou progress today... but it didn't quite work as planned...

Remember when I mentioned the leather got some fugly marks from the sewing machine?

Look to the right and you'll see scratch marks... they are more visible in real life
Sewing derp or something too...
Well, they bothered me enough for me to make a new one...

Just finished tracing the form on the wrong side of the fake leather...
 And then I just cut it out, sewed a decoration stitch around the edges and then, to prevent fugly marks from the sewing machine, I used that "paper underneath" trick mom told me yesterday. You just put the paper (thin) under the leather so that the leather's right side is against the paper and you're sewing on the wrong side. I had to sew on the wrong side because I folded in the sides a bit.

Paper trick.. I'm just ripping it off, works like a dream
Sides folded in
And then mom attached push-buttons to those folded sides (folded them for strength) and I ended up with something that looked like this:

Looks good right? Right?
But when I tried it on I noticed it was loose enough to almost fall off my arm, even when the push-buttons were closed. Eh. Besides when I got it to look nice on one side of my hand it derped on another... Here's photo examples seen from different sides with tekkou sitting properly (first pic) and what it looks like seen from other angles without me trying to fix the fit at all:

Normal angle comment: "Seems okay"
Under arm angle: "lolwut"
Side angle: "Eww I'd rather have the fasteners on the middle of the under arm..."
So yeah, not quite satisfied with it. Luckily I only did one tekkou so the other one is still at that "side folded in" stage. I'm considering dropping the push-button idea and attaching some ties to keep it shut instead.. like it seems tekkou originally had, if I'm not outside biking.

 Something like this:

(photo found on Google)
Oh well, next time I need to cut out yet a new one and then try the ties method.. hopefully it won't derp as much.

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