Ichito's 'flap' pt.6

Sorry this post is actually from 28th May, I didn't have time to write it earlier so now I'm writing it in the middle of the night.

Err, let's go back a bit and go through what I actually did today... and excuse me for the crappy yellow-ish lighting again. 

Remember last time when I pinned the lining? I continued from there. Obviously the next step was to sew a straight seam all around the top part so that the lining was finally fully attached at all sides and couldn't live its own life anymore.

Mr. Lining, no more derping for you, Mr. Sewing Needle takes away your freedom BOHAHAHA
Sewing seen from another angle
Now it's on
And now the next step was to fold in the right (white) side into the lining side along the straight seam I just had made. So that earlier seam served as a mark for this fold I was about to do.

Fold it over and sew again
Fold sewn on, it's close to the goal line now ~
Then I went and got some white elastic band. Yes, I decided to use the elastic method.
Mom took my hip measure and cut out a fitting piece. I went and zigzaged the ends of the elastic so they wouldn't fray.

Zigzaged ends
And now the part I was too afraid to do myself because of messing it up... so mom did it. Yayness. It went alright.. except that one sewing needle broke. The front doesn't wrinkle like an elephant's ass when I'm wearing it so it's good, the back is a bit more wrinke-y but it's ok.

Finished 'flap' (elastic is of course on the lining side, only fastened on the upper part)
IT IS DONE. Finally. I almost want to puke rainbows now. <3
What did I learn? Well, one thing's for sure... lining is a bitch to work with, it has its own life and hates cooperating with your plans and enjoys bringing you cosplay misery in the form of never perfect fittings.

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