Immortal spirit's ninja pants pt.2

Today most of the day I've been helping mom cleaning the whole house and then I watched the very exciting icehockey match between Finland and USA, it was very even until the very end when Finland did a 3-2 goal and won. <3 Err.. enough of that.
But yeah, most of my day has been busy but at least I got some cosplay progress done, namely made the "feet tubes" for Ichito. Yeah, no socks. I just took some gray slightly stretchy fabric we had at home, cut two rectangular pieces, zigzaged around and sewed them to.. well, tubes. And that's it. Didn't do anything else for today because it's pretty late. Tomorrow I'll hopefully attach them to Ichito's pants and also cut out the ties for the hakama too.
Oh, lastly a photo of the "feet tubes". And yes, I will make and wrap those bandages over them later, hopefully out of the same fabric as the tubes.

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