Immortal spirit's ninja pants pt.3

Remember earlier when I said that after I'd finish the eyepatch I'd continue working on the hakama? Well...


Oh well, I made progress today instead. So it's all good.
Earlier I had tried to sew a straight seam all around the pant legs and tried to pull the thread so that the fabric would wrinkle... but it turned out to be a major pain in the butt so I decided to hell with it and let's just do lots of pleats instead...

Pleating, pleating...
I think it took... 4 or 5 tries before I got both the pleated pant leg and the 'feet tube' to match. 50 cm around. I test pinned them together to see that they actually did fit.

Test pinning
retard!ninja pants. One leg sewn, other untouched...
After that I repeated the steps for the other pant leg. That one didn't take as many tries to get right. Good. When that was done I took in the "feet tubes" because they were a bit big at the ankle and up.

Take a bit in so it fits better...
And then mom helped me cut out four pieces of the same fabric for the ties. I zigzaged around the edges and sewed three of them together at the ends so I had one super long tie and one short. The short one will be for the back and the long one for the front.

After that I got tired of sewing so I decided to quit for today. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the ties and attach them to my 'ninja pants' so I can actually wear them.

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