Kemi's comic day

So I attended Kemi's comic day today, it's a small event for, well, comics and today there was the 4 hour 'manga part' of the event. I live close to Kemi so I went there and well, I didn't bother to put on cosplay so I just put on my blue wool kimono ensemble and my Saitou wig instead. I'm glad I didn't because there probably wasn't much more than 5 cosplayers...

Eww mirror shot.. but at least it shows my kimono...
 I met some few people I recognized, or well, they recognized me. lol I hung around with Little Ukeboy and we had a blast, Moomin lemonade and derpin' goes a long way. xD;

But there was a rather... err... unpleasant experience... let's say a few people had major problems trying to guess my gender and it, well.. their inappropriate touching and tries went way over my comfort zone... hrrr... I'm too cowardly to say stop but I sure felt offended because, hey, it's not so easy for everyone to answer that very basic "are you a guy or a girl?"-question... *shrugs* I didn't give an answer but in the end they kinda understood I'm trans or something... well, better late than never but at least they stopped after that, but still... don't go touching my chest and throat and whatnot for like 5 minutes, that's plain rude and offending... especially when you do not even apologize after you finally got the answer. Learn some manners. It's not the first time that happens and probably won't be the last... they were nice people otherwise but err, yeah. Oh well, despite that it was a nice experience. Nothing more to say really. Sorry for the lack of photos.

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