MangoSlice: a community for aspiring OEL manga artists!

I wanted to especially recommend this beautifully constructed forum that serves as a learning resource, as well as a way to connect with fellow artists that want to get their manga project out there.

This is their premise:

" is a forum that encourages the growth of writers and illustrators who aspire to create original English language manga (or “Mango”).
If you're training to become a writer or artist to create Mango then this place is for you!
 Here we: 
-Respect manga as a medium for storytelling. -Respect the culture that manga has come from as well as the culture that manga had spawned.-Acknowledge that without a good foundation we will never make something worth reading. -Acknowledge that even in manga there is ample room for improvement and innovation. -Our goal is to elevate the perception of manga style comics all over the world.-To show that there is more to manga than just the art style and crazy expressions. -We aim to bring a close to an era where much of OEL manga are just a shallow imitations of Japanese comics and to remind us all what manga is really about; to tell a beautiful story."
Here's their link:

With the way digital publishing is slowly changing the concept of manga publishing, even in Japan itself, an uprise in great digital OEL manga is not too far ahead :)

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