Shinsengumi Commander Kondou photoshoot

During the Thursday of Närcon (Sweden, 26-29 July) I debuted my Kondou cosplay and my friend Psycho Cat offered me a photoshoot at Närcon's outside grass area. There was this huge lower spot in the middle with trees and bushes and it provided an awesome background and rather cool shadows from the leaves of the trees ~

Here I present you, my Isami Kondou cosplay from Hakuouki!

And lastly (I think) my two personal favorites!! ~

Hjgdskjf I didn't even know I could look that badass XD
All my love <3<3<3
I'm brainfucked at how many of all the photos were actually good, and by good I mean good enough to be published online for the world to see. XD I'm used to more than half of the batch being derps but nope, pretty much all Kondou photos were either good or fucking awesome.. if I do say so myself. I'm so proud of them, Psycho Cat thanks a thousand!! <3 (and thanks Hansku for the wig!)

Oh, and for those who wants to see more Kondou goodness feel free to take a look at, I will spam Kondou photos there soon ~

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