TOKYOPOP publishing is back!! Re-enters the market through Rightstuf

The Axis Powers, primary characters within the...

CEO Stu Levy announced at Anime Expo this weekend  that they will publish the third volume of Psy-Comm, an OEL (original English language) manga.

In addition, he said that the Japanese publisher Gentosha has confirmed that vols. 4 and 5 of Hetalia: Axis Powers will be published in North America. By Tokyopop? "We are talking to Gentosha," Levy said, but there are no more details yet.

Tokyopop published the first two volumes of Hetalia before it closed down, and it is publishing the third (and bringing back the first two) in a print-on-demand partnership with the retail site RightStuf. Tokyopop has re-entered the market in a cautious way, doing print-on-demand in partnership with the website RightStuf. That has worked with Hetalia because Tokyopop maintained a good relationship with the Japanese licensor, Gentosha, and Levy held out the possibility that Tokyopop could license other Gentosha series as well.

Tokyopop will publish more OEL manga via RightStuf. (When the OEL manga program was cancelled, a number of volumes were complete or close to completion.) And they will be publishing e-books via iTunes, Nook, Kindle, and Graphicly, he said.
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