BRS (no, not Black Rock Shooter...) Saitou WIP test

So a few minutes ago I decided to put on what I already had ready for my Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi Saitou cosplay, aka mainly the kimono, kaku obi and wig. The kimono and obi are genuine vintage pieces from my wafuku collection.
The shirt is just my random Finland/wolf shirt backwards. lol I didn't put on any make-up except some eyeliner because 1) I'm too fuckin' lazy xD 2) it was boiling hot.

These are all mirror photos.

I have no clue what's with that face..
PHOTOBOMB!!1 by le twin
The wig needs some trimming and possibly spiking. Gonna fix that as soon as possible.
I also need to go to town and buy some purple-gray fabric for his sleeveless shirt because mom apparently didn't have any purple fabric in the attic that would have been good enough... actually, she hardly had any purple fabric at all. Dafuq.
Oh, and need to make the glove.

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