Quick sick!Okita "photoshoot"

I didn't have to go to school today because my schedule is still a mess and, besides, I only had one lesson today. It would have been quite a pain in the ass to get to school because I would have had to wake up piss early (*cough* 05:30 Swedish time) to take the bus and then walk some kilometers from the bus station to my school... and my right foot has been derping rather painfully the last days ever since I dropped my damn laptop on it... OTL Sucks to not have mom driving you on the mornings, hahaah.

Soooo I woke up quite early and decided to do a quick Okita "photoshoot" because I was bored and home alone. I can't really call it a "photoshoot" because it was just me and my camera. ._.
I used the self-timer for some photos but it was kinda hard, or well, damn hard to get everything right. Oh well, I got a few good ones, although the lighting was bad so they are kinda.. err, 'grainy'. But I thought it fit the mood somehow so I don't mind the reduced photo quality all that much and besides, I didn't want to turn on the lights because it made photos turn rather fugly orange-y.

If anyone wonders what that blue thing is it's my shinsengumi haori.. used it as a blanket.. kind of.
I look like a tired mess... and that's what I was more or less. XD lol it rhymes...

When I got fed up with trying to use the self-timer I just went to take some egophotos self-photos instead.. although I only got one I liked enough to publish...

Bbbbbbb, this reminds me... back when I was in Eurokangas yesterday I also tried to search for that light purple fabric I had seen before they moved which I could have used to remake Okita's kimono. I didn't find it. ;_; pffjhfiudhiuf

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