Second wig styling attempt

I repaired my brown vintage hakama again earlier today because I will need them for my Kondou cosplay to Tracon. I also decided to cut and style my wig for Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi's Saitou.

I forgot to take a picture before I started but you can see the untouched wig on my earlier blog post.
Oh, and all wig styling photos are taken with flash because otherwise it would have been hard to see anything... the wig is not shiny at all IRL.

After I had trimmed the bangs. Back of wig still untouched..
Back trimmed too..
Front after spiking
Side after spiking
Back after spiking
And we all know that when you have styled a wig on a mini-sized head substitute you just have to try it on your own head too. Because you need to see how much you just failed!! :'D
I used no make-up except that I made my eyebrows darker (looks so derp to have light brows and dark hair..). I just put a random Thai silk robe on because it's better than a t-shirt. lol

Back... something. trololol.
I must say I was nervous at first before cutting, it was the second time I ever cut a wig.. but I must say it turned out quite bueno. It's not half-bad but there's still room for improvement. Oh well, no one is born professional at anything, practice makes perfect. It could have been a catastrophe. lol

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