Tracon, I'm goddamn coming!

Yeah, you read right. 
For the longest time I've been pending back and forth should I or should I not go to Tracon this year. Mind you, I've always really wanted to go but this time mom said she wouldn't be helping me pay for the trip like she did for Desucon and some others, so, I would have to pay for everything myself, which, well, would cost a lot of money for someone who has had no income all summer. It stings. Buuuuuuut, I figured if I don't go to Tracon this year I will later regret it a lot for many reasons (like missing my last chance to see most of my Finnish con friends this year and all the awesome cosplays they will do for Tracon) so I decided...

So I'm coming, let it cost what the hell it wants. Fuck money, I'm coming if I so have to live on crispbread and water for the next year!! Or well, no, not really.. but you guys could maybe help me out so here comes some
I decided not so long time ago to start taking traditional art commissions to fund my life and hobbies, want to help me out? Have a look, it's in a book.. almost.

 And to get back on track...

I've ordered the con ticket to Tracon a few days ago like a ninja while the cheaper advance ordering was still active (it is no longer available) and today I passed the point of no return, aka Ri-chan ordered the hotel for herself, me, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Mira-kun to sleep in during the con weekend.. this will be fun! 8D

Soooo, now let's spike up my cosplay plans! Man I've been waiting for this!


Series: Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi
Character: Hajime Saitou

Yay strikes again.
I planned at first to cosplay this to Oulun Animeseminaari but it.. yeah. So I postponed Saitou for later.. and "later" is now Tracon.
I took a picture from the manga but I will do the game/official art version when it comes to the patterns of the kimono although my kimono isn't blue-gray, it's simply gray. Oh, and yes, this cosplay will consist of half vintage wafuku and half self-made stuff. I will need to make his shirt and that glove I guess. Wieee.
Now to get off my lazy ass and start sewing...


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Isami Kondou

Most of my friends are going to roll a western!Hakuouki group on Sunday and of course I have to be part of it. BUUUUUTTTTTT. I have no western versions myself (yet) and I don't really want to do a "double character", even though I don't really mind doubles, it's just cooler to have as many different characters as possible from the cast. *nods* So, well, Kondou has no western outfit so I'm gonna be trolling there in kimono gear and still feel right, LIKE A FUCKIN' BOSS. >8DD Besides it's awesome to fill the group with yet another character, I think we will have almost all of the shinsengumi members! This will be GREAT!
Hijikata, you can't command people anymore, boahahaha ~

I'm so excited I could puke rainbows!

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