Is the future of Japanese manga on independent web publishing? Japan Times article

'Say Hello to Black Jack' author Shuho Sato, known for the controversy on how much manga authors really earn, is experimenting a new way to disseminate manga through the internet, by dropping the royalties on secondary uses of his work, meaning that anyone can use his characters and story in the way they see fit for free, be it for parody or other stories.

The manga was launched on his website since 2010.

He stated to the Japan Times that he was "extremely worried about the prolonged slump in the publishing industry and the general predicament of manga artists, who have to depend on major publishers to achieve success."

"Overall, I think this is an interesting experiment," said Yashio Uemura, a professor at Senshu University who studies the publishing industry. "Arts and culture are often supported by the nameless mass that makes parodies and imitations from major works."

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