Naruto Shippuden anime 2012 October schedule

War continues with possible more batshit crazy fillers and moments. We get to see the fight between the Raikage and his Brotha Bee! Naruto and Bee want to enter the battlefield, no matter the cost!

Episode 282 The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team! (秘話・最強タッグ!!) October 4, 2012
Episode 283 Two Suns!! (二つの太陽!!) October 11, 2012
Episode 284 Kabutowari! Jinin Akebino (兜割! 通草野餌人) October 18, 2012
Episode 285 Scorch Style User! Pakura of the Hidden Sand (灼遁使い! 砂隠れのパクラ) October 25, 2012
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