Arm bracers for the Gym Leader!

Today I cut out most of the parts for Falkner's jacket, I will start sewing it tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll also finish his "mini hakama". The progress for today is Fazer's Falkner's arm bracers. They are just made of red and dark-blue-almost-black rib knit fabric. Mom sewed them with the overlocking machine (I guess it's also called a serger) because, err, she just did.

Yo bro, I dig these things
You might notice I'm wearing kimono. I wore that kimono all day together with a matching haori.. even when I went to vote at the town's municipal election. The stares... xD Oh, and don't ask me why my hair is standing up like that. I have no damn clue. When I woke up today my hair had decided to go SUPER SAIYAN and when I went to look at the mirror I lol'd so very hard. I tried to comb it down but it bounced right back up and my hair has now been like that the whole day. It's ridiculous and awesome at the same time...

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