Shin Mazinger Zero manga will have an epilogue

Z Mazinger
The classic Z Mazinger manga 
This special chapter will come out in November 19. Artist Yūki Yogo confirmed via his Twitter account on Monday that the epilogue of his giant robot manga Shin Mazinger Zero will run in the January issue of Akita Shoten's Champion RED magazine. Yogo and writer Yoshiaki Tabata began collaborating on the manga in the same magazine in 2009.

The manga ran alongside the debut of the Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen anime remake.

Go Nagai's original Mazinger Z manga launched in 1972, spawning several television series, movies, and original video animation projects. Both the original manga and Shin Mazinger Zero follow Kōji Kabuto in his super robot Mazinger Z as he battles Dr. Hell, a mad scientist bent on world domination.

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