Yay, clay!

Me and my twin went to Luleå this morning. Our main reason was to get the Keldeo event for Pokémon Black/White games because today was the very last chance to get it. We also went to Panduro afterwards, a hobby craft store. I bought a pack of paper clay and papier-maché clay powder. I bought two packs of papier-maché just to be on the safe side, I'm not sure how much I'll need.

I've never used these products before but I've read on internet tutorials or heard from friends that these should be rather good for various cosplay purposes. I have plans what I'll make out of them but I won't reveal that just yet. ;) I just hope I get some good results and don't mess up because then I'd have to go to Luleå by bus again.. 130 km something. derp

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