2012 cosplay review and cosplay/blog new year's resolutions

I failed miserably at keeping track of this blog after I came back from Barcelona. It's been a mixture of being completely lazy and busy, even though I attended another comic con after that trip.

This time of the year is always a time for stopping and making a review of everything, and thinking about the things you did and didn't do, and since cosplaying is my biggest hobby, I did think a lot about it the last month.

That's why I wanted to wrap the year with an entry, maybe as a tangible year resolution and a promise to myself that I do need to keep updated this thing more regularly. And maybe as a thing to look at, my cosplays all together as sign of things I was able to create and do, an encouragement to keep doing this.

This year was the year of many dream cosplays! Like finally cosplaying Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary and the Macabre tour outfit from Toshiya.
This year I did cosplay alone and I cosplayed with friends, and both of them had been fullfilling and wonderful experiences. I tried new cosplays and some were personal challenges, I did improved my skills and learned from them and now, in the end of the year 2012 I can say it has been a great cosplay year for me but that the best of me it's yet to come, so from now on, please take care of me~

Japan Weekend 2012

(( raizou ;; litchi hikari club ))

 (( touga kiryuu ;; revolutionary girl utena ))

Expomanga 2012
                                                                                (( toshiya;; yokan pv ))

 (( ciel phantomhive;;  ciel in wonderland ova ))

Salón del Manga de Barcelona

(( toshiya;; macabre tour 00 >> 01 ))

(( ciel phantomhive ;; drama cd cover ))

(( aoyagi ritsuka ;; loveless ))

Expocomic 2012

(( ciel phamtonhive ;; christmas version ))

 (( rosiel ;; angel sanctuary ))

Cosplay / Blog New Year resolutions

  • Cosplay more, with or without events, conventions or other meetings. Cosplay just because of the sake of cosplaying.
  • More girls, lots of girls! I want 2013 to be the year of me cosplaying girls.
  • Learn more about wigs. How to style them properly, cut them, dye them, etc. It's my biggest lack of skills when it comes to cosplay.
  • Try more things, don't be scared of challenges.
  • Be more social in Cosplay events, aka, finding more Cosplayer friends.
  • Do something with this blog to make it more eye catching and more appealing
  • Be more internet social. Comment more on blogs, deviantart, and any other social network.
  • Force myself to post at least once per two months with cosplay related things.
  • Never, ever, stop having fun. Because that's all cosplay is about.

The year is about to end here, so I wish 2013 the best for all of you. A year full of happiness, health, love and anything you desire!


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