MangaZ: a downloader and manga reader app for Windows 8

It is available right now on Windows Store.

I'm not really fond of Windows 8, but this app seems practical. I can see how in the future manga aggregators and scanlators can release apps.

MangaZ is the first Manga reader and downloader for the Windows 8 operating system and as such worth a review. When you start the application after installation you are presented with a list of the top 500 manga series on the left and a search above that.

 If you are a fan of a particular series, you can enter it in the search to filter the results and find it quickly which is the fastest way to find a series unless it is listed in the top 10.

Once you have selected a Manga from the list information about it are displayed on the right. Here you see a larger cover, when it was released, the author and its genre. There is also a description below that, options to favorite a series, and to download it as a whole.

 When you click on the download series button you are however informed that this option is only available if you purchase the full version. Free users are left with individual episode downloads, and while that is less convenient than download a full series at once, it still works considerable well.


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