Successful trip to Tositori..

I finished school early today and decided to take the bus home instead of waiting for mom to pick me up after job. I walked over to to this one shopping center, which I always pass by, and when I got there I noticed I had about one hour of time to kill before the bus would arrive. So I decided to go to Tositori, this one second-hand shop in town, just to see if there was anything I could use for some more casual clothes cosplays. I especially had in mind to see if I could find a light green shirt for Kureno Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Kureno Sohma
(I'm not going to have that black jacket because he mostly was without it)
Yes, Fruits Basket, don't ask me why I read a shoujo manga. xD Normally most shoujo manga don't catch my interest at all there are a few exceptions though.. but I've had some slight interest in Fruits Basket for some time because I thought the zodiac concept sounded cool. Oh well, when Angie (one of my Swedish con friends) told me I should cosplay as Kazuma and showed me a picture of him I went "looks cool" (mainly because he wore kimono. I love kimono trololo) and decided to start reading the manga some days after that, mainly just to find out about this character. Honestly, at the first 4 volumes I considered dropping it because I found all characters except Kyo, Tohru and Hatori (and occasionally Yuki and Shigure) extremely annoying. *coughwantedtopunchhiroandkagurainthefacesomanytimescough* But something still kept me reading it.. and when I then finished Furuba I must say I'm glad that I didn't drop it because the story sure got more interesting at the later volumes and the characters developed and stopped getting on my nerves as much, haha. Kazuma, Kureno, Hatori and Kyo were my favorites - in that order.

Oh well, back to the second-hand store trip.
I must say I got the jackpot! Found just what I was looking for; a perfect green shirt that fit me okay and best of all.. the price was..

Super cheap. I love second-hand stores sometimes. xD This also means that now it's very likely I'll do Kureno Sohma for a con next year.. I just need black pants and a wig. I already have a bird plushie I could use as a prop bought years ago (I loved birds when young); I think carrying it around would maybe make it easier for people to recognize who I'm cosplaying because most characters in Fruits Basket have very.. generic clothing. I like Kureno and I'm also born on the year of the Rooster so double yay, this will be a comfy chill cosplay to do. Would be nice to have a Fruits Basket cosplay group next year though.. but I don't really know many people who would be interested to cosplay from it.

Oh, and lastly a photo of the shirt in question:

me gusta!
Oh, and I must tell you one thing that happened after I had bought the shirt and went to wait for the bus in the bus station. It's not cosplay related but it was rather awesome so I had to make a rage comic out of it. xD
 I guess that's it for today. Bye ~

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