Worst anime series of 2012

It's not that these series were dissapointments, it's that their premises and execution failed.


A series that had incredible potential was Zetman. But the pacing and quality of the episodes wasn't consistent, maybe a stylization of the art would have worked better instead of going for a too realistic look. I recommend 110% reading the manga.

My mind still can't process what Inferno Cop was about, exactly. It seemed like the director of Gurren Lagan, and the producers of Psycho Pass and Gintama conspired to troll away their audiences for the fun of it.

I still don't know why did they decide to reveal everything about the plot and characters in La Storia della Arcana Famiglia in the very first episodes. This could have been a great series if the plot was solid and showcased the characters little by little, but this show felt like advertising for the video game and what each character can do.

Japanese cover of Sket Dance volume 1

And I can't still believe that such a promising and full of vitality series like Sket Dance became the most forgettable anime of this year in its last season. The introduction of the tsundere big boobs character and giving her too much screen time was fatal. The whole snow trip vacation arc was terrible, it made me feel as if I was watching reruns of Dawson's Creek o.o

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