Can a Star Wars anime be a good possibility?

With the recent developments of the Disney acquisition and that J.J Abrahams is directing, the possibilities are endless.

Are episode 7,8 and 9 really necessary? That's a question that has split fans for decades. Will a Disneyfied version of these movies be as good as the originals?

In any way, maybe it's a good time to start thinking of a Star Wars anime. I KNOW that I would watch it, no doubt. Just imagine a Japanese opening and seiyuus. It's not even that expensive to produce if you compare it to a live-action movie. In alliance, Funimation could produce it with the highest values possible, or Madhouse, or Studio Pierrot for a classic shonen mecha feel.

My theory is that Star Wars IS a manga, after all.

Just look at these incredible samples made by fans that should be hired right away!

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