Don Quixote manga is being published in Comic@Bunch

XD This is simply awesome!!! I would actually watch a Don Quixote anime, there's plenty of material!

The March issue of Shinchosha's Comic@Bunch premiered a new manga series based on the classic novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes on January 21. The novel is being adapted by writer Yūshi Kawata and artist Yukito into a series titled Don Quixote -Ureigao no Kishi: Sono Ai-.

The original 1605-1615 novel followed Alonso Quijano, a man well-read in chivalry. He decides to revive the practice under the name Don Quixote with his sidekick, a farmer named Sancho Panza.

The book inspired two children's anime adaptations in Japan, Don Quijote and Zukkoke Knight - Don De La Mancha, as well as a graphic novel published by Variety Art Works and released in English by One Peace Books.
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