Ryeain :
A photographer that I'll always keep myself updated with his latest works. Always on the go for experimenting different styles, different angle and others *thumbsup
Plus, I'm totally fascinated too by the backgrounds that he includes in his most of his works.
It seems that the background combination does works well in every shots and in the end gives an awesome impact on the photo itself. Do check out his gallery for more!^^


photos by Zerartul

Ryea: What type of camera do you use?

Started off with a Canon 300D, then 40D and finally 5DMk2. I use mainly prime lens of 24mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4. They allow capture of low depth photography that works great for portraits. I also utilize a 70-200 F2.8 lens for compression of background. Ultimate the greatest difference lies in my love for the low light and night scenes which are somewhat different from the usual bright and vibrant which is something 5D mk2 can deliver.

Ryea: What inspires you to start photography?

My passion for technology. I started of photography not as a form of art, but as a love of high tech equipment lol. It slowly turned into something I enjoyed doing.

Ryea: What makes you continue in photography with passion?

I like to do photography as it allows me to keep track of memories and time. The occasion complements also keep my passion going really and of course some of the fantastic photo that turns out.

Ryea: Which is your most satisfied/favorite shot so far?

Its the latest but also something I am highly satisfied in a some time.

Ryea: Which photo you've taken is the most challenging to you? why?

Almost no light and photography is all about light!

Ryea: What aspect do you think that you have improved a lot since you started photography?

Mainly in looking for possibilities and imagining it. Imaging in the mind of what you expect to achieve. Photography is all about imagination and of course putting them into action and through experience this is one of the best thing that can be gained.

Ryea: What's your goal achievement in photography?

To take many nice picture, file them up and enjoy them for many years to come lol. I keep an A3 file for them and love it everytime I flip those huge pages. To me the greatest achievement is to look at those picture and say: Yes this is what I took!

Ryea: Who do you look up to or inspires you?

I dont really look up to anyone. To start with I came from an engineering background. What inspire me are not people, but the work that are produced. If anything, Hollywood movies inspire me most lol.

Ryea: Any advise to those are new starter or interested in photography?

Pick up the basics before anything. Read, observe and try is the best way to fortify those basics. With the basics done, imagination(and your equipment of course) is your boundary.

Question from Hybridre :
Have you been asked to imitate or copy another photo or fanart? If so, what do you think of it and what would you do?

Yes. It is common to be ask to follow such shots. However many a time, its impossible to actually replicate those shots really. Artworks do not follow the nature of physics usually. However I will still try to achieve as close of a feel to the artwork as possible.

Thanks Zerartul!! ~

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